Frequently asked questions

How much will my new kitchen cost?

There are many variables that impact on the final cost including the size of your kitchen, design, materials selected, appliance selections and other trades. Best to contact us for a free measure and quote. The quote will also have an initial design to give the project a starting point, allowing us to work with your budget. Costing allowances for other trades will also be included to reduce any unforseen outlay during your project.

Do you supply appliances?

We do supply both Euro and Bosch appliances, however, with the large range of appliance available elsewhere, it is often left up to our client to select. We will need the information on your selection before production can commence.

How long does my kitchen renovation take?

A smaller size kitchen could take 1-3 days. A large kitchen could take a week but the kitchen should be operational within 2 days. A 2-week delay with glass splashbacks is common, as the splashback is not measured until the kitchen is installed. We try to make the installation process as smooth as possible and construction of cabinets and other items are done in our factory.

Do I have to organise other trades?

You are more than welcome to use your preferred plumber or electrician etc. We can provide our own experienced tradespeople who we work with regularly.

Do you offer a kitchen makeover, as I am happy with my existing design?

Yes, we also offer this service and are happy to work with you to give your tired kitchen a new lease of life. Our makeover service covers:

  • Replacement of bench tops
  • Replacement of doors and panels
  • New splashbacks
  • New kick facing
  • Modifying cabinetry to suit new appliances

Do you do other cabinetry?

We cater for the entire house: Bathrooms, laundry, robes, entertainment units and BBQ areas. We will custom design all of these areas of your home to help give you a wonderful place to live.

What warranty do I have with my new kitchen?

All our hardware products come with a lifetime guarantee and our appliances have either a one or two year warranty. The service back up on our appliance is exceptional. The most important goal for us is to have a happy client and we stand behind our products 100%. We tell our client not to hesitate to contact us if you have any issue at all with our products supplied or the workmanship of any of our subcontracting trades.

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